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Connecting Dvd Player To Samsung Tv

Our car stereo for the samsung tv! This connected dvd player and radio is perfect for your car. It comes with a map of world countries, as well as a gps navigation system. The tv- splits into three lines of view, and the radio can be heard from both the front and back seat.

Connecting Dvd Player To Samsung Tv Walmart

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Best Connecting Dvd Player To Samsung Tv

This type of cable is perfect for connecting a dvd player to a samsung tv. It is coiled and makes it easy to take with you, while the stereo audio makes it easy to hear over your music. to connect your dvd player to your tv, you will need to create a usb connection. Find the tv that you want to connect to and plug in your dvd player. Once the video is on the tv, connect the dvd player's usb hub to the tv and connect the power cord to the dvd player. You can now power the tv on and off, as needed, byplugging in the power cord. this is a stereo audio coiled cable direct-to-dvd player cable for the samsung tv. It has a 3. 5mm jack for your dvd player and a male stereo audio jack for your audio output. This cable is perfect for connecting your dvd player to your samsung tv. You will need to do some added drivers and ports. Here are some of the most important ones: -A quinn.