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Shelf For Dvd Player And Cable Box

This adjustable shelf is for the dvd player and cable box. It can be used to adjust the height of the shelf to fit within your space or to use as a place to put your dvds and cable box. The shelf also has a built in antenna for getting out true fm waves.

Dvd Player Shelf Under Tv

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Shelves For Cable Box And Dvd Player

This tv wall mount shelf for cable box dvd player av components is perfect for adding a new level of functionality to your tv room. Made from durable materials and with ergonous fastening hardware, this shelf is sure to provide the stability you need to keep your tv running smoothly. Plus, its sleek design is sure to stand out in any room. this tv stand/console table is perfect for your dvd player and other tv equipment. The sleek, modern design is perfect for any room. This table has two drawers for your dvd movie and tv stuff. The table is also easy to clean - just remove the plastic cover and the magnetic closure will stay in place. This is a great piece for the home or office. This floating shelf is perfect for tv's and dvd players. It is under the tv so that they are not as likely to fall off and damage your wall. It also has astand for if you are using it as a cable box holder. Thiswelland dvd player stand is a great way to keep your dvd players in good condition! It's a good addition to any home movie or videourdering setting, and it can be used to stand up toaidenning's elements like chloride and weather. The stand has a tough design that will last long in your wall-mounted tv or tv stand. Make sure your dvd players are always safe and sound with thiswelland dvd player stand!